Information about Shopping Help



The meaning is to offer shopping help for those, who can’t leave their home, either belonging to a risk group, being sick or for another reason not being able to shop for groceries. Because all shops don’t have a delivery service, it’s important that we help each other and protect those belonging to risk groups. Helping is done without a fee. The receiver of help will pay for the shopper the price of the groceries.

Shopping Help -movement started from the Facebook group founded by Tarina Rau, which collected in a few days thousands of members across Finland. Mario Luna contacted Tarina and suggested in extending the service using a map system. This page was created according to Mario’s idea and developed together. Mario built the platform using Sharetribe -service.

Currently, both Shopping Help Facebook group and Shopping Help -websites are open and free to use. Both are based completely on voluntary work in terms of mainteinance and people who offer their help.

The visual identity / logo is designed by Kimmo Hyvönen.

Christian Sjöholm ja Pontus Nybergh helped considerably in the Swedish translations.

Shopping Help is powered by the Sharetribe marketplace platform.

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