Information about Shopping Help

How it works

How it works

This free of charge Shopping help -service is based on voluntary shopping for those people who are sick, at a risk group for coronavirus, or otherwise unable to buy their own groceries. With the help of the service, you can request or offer help with shopping and your announcements will be displayed publicly on our map. The map does not show the exact address but only the approximate area.

You can either sign up for yourself or browse through the announcements of others and message them when you find the right person to help or get help from. When you receive a message, it will also be notified in your email if you have accepted the emails from us upon registration.

After that, you proceed by communicating with each other. You can give us the exact address by messaging, indicate what groceries should be bought, and finally, pay when the groceries arrive, for example, according to a receipt. Small-scale compensation can also be paid, for example, for a travel ticket. We recommend using an online payment such as Mobilepay, Pivo or online bank transfers. There is always a risk of contagion in cash payments, so we do not recommend paying with it.
After a successful payment, you can still thank your helper by commenting on the public announcement. This is how others as well can see the effects of doing good.
The service is based on free help, so we do not accept business on this platform. We also do not accept any discriminatory or malicious communication on our site. If you find any inappropriate activity, please message us via the "Contact Us" -link.

By clicking here you get to see a video on how the service is being used with a mobile. 

Welcome to give and receive help! Let’s take care of each other.

Shopping Help is powered by the Sharetribe marketplace platform.

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